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Chlorinated VOC Groundwater Investigation and Soil Remediation Pennsylvania Act 2 Project
Historical Industrial Site

National Foam Historical Industrial Site Chlorinated – VOC Groundwater Investigation and Soil Remediation Pennsylvania Act 2 Project

National Foam Site (Historical Industrial Site)
West Chester, PA

PADEP Land Recycling Program (Act 2)

Chlorinated VOC Groundwater Contamination

Coordination with PADEP

Review of Historical Documentation

Work Plan Preparation

Groundwater Sampling


The subject property in West Chester, PA has been used for industrial purposes since the early 1900s. EnviroSure was retained to review existing environmental documentation and prepare a plan for the property owner and future property owners to receive relief from liability through the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program (Act 2).

Areas of concerns on the site include groundwater impacted with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including chlorinated VOCs and soil impacted with metals, VOCs, and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). On behalf of the client, EnviroSure issued a Notice of Intent to Remediate (NIR) the site to the PADEP. A project officer was assigned by PADEP. EnviroSure subsequently met with the project officer and head of the PADEP Act 2 Program in the PADEP Southeastern Regional Office.

EnviroSure coordinated several rounds of groundwater sampling using the existing groundwater monitoring well network. Work completed was coordinated closely with PADEP. EnviroSure compiled previous data and recent groundwater sampling data.

EnviroSure then created a Work Plan that was submitted to the PADEP. The Work Plan includes installation of a deep groundwater monitoring well to vertically delineate chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a reduction in the existing well network, data sharing with a nearby environmental site, and the use of passive groundwater sampling techniques. The proposed reduction in the existing well network, use of passive groundwater sampling, and data sharing will lower the overall cost of the project. EnviroSure completed an Act 2 Site Characterization Report for Soil that was approved by the PADEP