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Former Lumber Yard Closure and Remediation of Underground Tanks
Pennsylvania Act 2 Project

Former Lumber Yard Closure and Remediation of Underground Tanks Pennsylvania Act 2 Project

Former lumber yard site

PADEP Land Recycling Program (Act 2)

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment

Site Characterization

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Removal & Disposal of Contaminated Soils


The client purchased the 4-acre site for redevelopment as a BestLine Equipment location. The site was historically used as a lumber yard. EnviroSure initially became involved during the due diligence phase of the property transaction. Several underground tank areas of concern were identified during the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). A Phase II ESA was subsequently conducted. Soil and groundwater samples were collected. Concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with a historical tank release exceeded the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (PADEP’s) Statewide Health Standards (SHS) in groundwater samples collected from a temporary well.

The client decided to pursue relief from liability under the PADEP Act 2 program. EnviroSure sent a notice of intent to remediate (NIR), entering the site in the PADEP Act 2 program. An escrow account was established to allow the real estate transaction to move forward while the environmental remediation was completed under Act 2.

Site characterization included the collection of soil samples during two soil boring programs, the installation of four groundwater monitoring wells, and quarterly groundwater monitoring. Remediation activities included removal and closure of two underground tanks, and the excavation and disposal of 70 tons of petroleum-impacted soil. Groundwater monitoring wells were installed across a portion of the Site. Based on the laboratory analytical results from the groundwater sampling, EnviroSure successfully petitioned for a reduction from eight to four quarters of groundwater sampling.

EnviroSure demonstrated attainment of the Statewide Health Standard (SHS) for soil and groundwater. The PADEP approved EnviroSure’s Act 2 Final Report and the client was granted liability protection afforded under Act 2 (25 PA Code Chapter 250). Redevelopment of the site was completed on schedule.