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Preliminary Assessment/Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Waterfront South Service Station

Preliminary Assessment/Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Waterfront South Service Station

Former Waterfront South Service Station
Camden, NJ

Brownfield Assessment

Preliminary Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Sampling, Analysis, and Management Plan

Quality Assurance Project Plan

Health and Safety Plan


The Camden Redevelopment Agency (CRA) secured a US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) assessment grant to help fund their Brownfield Program. EnviroSure was selected as one of the CRA’s qualified environmental consulting companies to characterize, assess, and help develop reuse strategies for brownfield sites within the City of Camden.

EnviroSure was retained by the CRA to conduct a Preliminary Assessment (PA)/Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the Waterfront South Service Station. EnviroSure conducted the PA/Phase I ESA in accordance the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEP’s) Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (NJAC 7:26E), modified to meet the ASTM E1527 requirements for Phase I ESAs.

EnviroSure recommended a Site Investigation (SI)/Phase II ESA to further evaluate areas of concern (AOCs) and recognized environmental conditions (RECs) discovered during the PA/Phase I ESA. Prior to conducting the SI/Phase II ESA, EnviroSure prepared a Sampling, Analysis, and Management Plan (SAMP), a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), and a Health and Safety Plan (HASP) in accordance with the EPA Brownfield Project Planning Guidance.