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U.S. Government Flight Facility Lead-Based Paint Survey

U.S. Government Flight Facility Lead-Based Paint Survey

Representative painted areas typically present during a flight facility lead-paint survey.
Wallops Island, Virginia

Lead-Based Paint Survey

XRF Testing


EnviroSure/ETI worked in concert with architects and engineers after the flight facility support building sustained damage from the failure of an orbital rocket launch in 2014. There was damage to the support building exterior and launch pad areas from the explosion. Although there was not critical damage to the structure, there was enough damage that required repairs and reconstruction.

EnviroSure/ETI was able to react quickly and provide non-invasive lead-based paint testing by use of a portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device, able to detect lead-based paint as defined by the EPA. A trained and certified Lead Risk Assessor was on-site to test surfaces by use of a 70-foot mobile lift. Damaged areas were able to be tested, photographed, and documented, all within the safety of the lift.

The data collected from the field survey and portable XRF lead-paint device were downloaded and compiled into a report which was used to identify and communicate the areas which had lead-based paint levels above the regulatory limits to other contractors and construction firms.

EnviroSure/ETI continues to provide lead and asbestos services to this government flight facility.