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Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action
New Jersey Child Care Center

Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action, New Jersey Child Care Center

AOC for Dieldrin contamination at child care center in NJ

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EnviroSure conducted a remedial investigation and remedial action for an identified area of concern (AOC), at a child care center in New Jersey, containing the concentrations of the pesticide Dieldrin exceeding the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s (NJDEPs) Non-Residential Direct Contact Soil Remediation Standard (NRDCSRS) and Residential Direct Contact Soil Remediation Standard (RDCSRS), due to historical pesticide use.

In accordance with NJDEP guidance for evaluating the potential impacts of historic pesticide use, EnviroSure selected four sample locations to obtain soil samples for laboratory analysis. Based on these results, performed additional vertical delineation sampling at great depths.

Concentrations of dieldrin within the fenced-in play area for the child care center were in compliance with the RDCSRS. A Remedial Action Outcome (RAO) was issued by the Licensed Site Remediation Professional with EnviroSure for unrestricted use of the outdoor child care area.

To achieve compliance with the NRDCSRS for the remainder of the property, EnviroSure oversaw the limited excavation of surface soils. Excavation activities in the in the AOC included the removal of twenty 55-gallon drums of contaminated soil. The drums were removed and transported to an NJDEP approved off-site soil recycling facility. Post-excavation soil samples were taken from each excavation area for Dieldrin analysis to ensure concentrations were below the NRDCSRS for Dieldrin. Excavated areas were backfilled and restored.

To support the remedial action, EnviroSure filed a deed restriction limiting certain areas of the site to non-residential use, and identified building floor slabs, concrete walkways, and asphalt paved parking lot as engineering controls to allow use of those areas.