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Commercial Mixed Use Building Limited Mold Inspection

Commercial Mixed Use Building Limited Mold Inspection

Photo showing confirmed mold growth on ductwork above ceiling tiles.
Cambridge, Maryland

Limited Mold Inspection

Mold Sampling

Surface Moisture Survey


EnviroSure/ETI was contracted to conduct a limited mold inspection and sampling for mold spores in the mixed use office and residential building in Cambridge, Maryland. This limited mold inspection was completed in general compliance with the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants (IAC2) Mold Inspection Standards to identify moisture intrusion, water damage, musty odors, apparent mold growth, and conditions conducive to mold growth.

Concern about indoor exposure to mold has been increasing as the public becomes aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions.

EnviroSure conducted a limited mold inspection of the building, which included detailed surface moisture mapping and collection of temperature and relative humidity. Air sampling for total fungal spores was also conducted to determine the mold type, spore count, and the probability of indoor mold growth.

During the inspection, water-damaged and discolored ceiling tiles were discovered. The source of the moisture was determined to be from HVAC condensation. Further investigation found that visible mold growth was on fiberglass insulation and on ductwork, located above office areas. Surface mold sampling confirmed the presence of mold growth. During the inspection, EnviroSure/ETI staff also identified other areas of confirmed mold growth located behind baseboards.

The inspection was completed with minimal disruptions to the building occupants and apartment residents. EnviroSure provided a detailed report which included the locations of mold damaged areas, survey photos, results of laboratory data, and recommendations regarding the removal methods for mold damaged materials.