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10,000-Gallon Underground Tank Closure
West Chester Office Building

West Chester Borough Office Building 10,000-Gallon Underground Tank Closure

Removal of 10,000-gallon heating oil UST
West Chester, PA

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Soil Sampling

Report Preparation


As part of an agreement of sale for purchase of a property, EnviroSure was engaged by First Eastern Development Corporation to remove a 10,000-gallon heating oil underground tank from behind an office building in West Chester Borough. The project was challenging due to the limited working space and the tight time schedule due to the pending real estate transaction. The 10,000-gallon heating oil tank was located below a small parking area behind the building. An alleyway provided access to the parking area.

The buyer preferred removal of the tank as opposed to closure in place to avoid the stigma of a buried tank remaining on the property. EnviroSure successfully had the tank cleaned and removed from the property. The tank, which was likely 50 years old, was intact. No signs of contamination were observed in the tank excavation. Confirmatory soil samples were collected and analyzed for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PADEP’s) No. 2 Fuel Oil parameters.

Soil sample results confirmed that use of the tank had not impacted the underlying ground. EnviroSure issued the tank closure report prior to closing. A copy of the report was sent to the Borough of West Chester for their records. Tank handling and report preparation was conducted based on the PADEP storage tank regulations. However, the tank was unregulated so PADEP was not required to receive a closure report.