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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments & Environmental Baseline Survey

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Baseline Survey, PA DMVA

Army National Guard Readiness Center
New Milford Susquehanna County, PA

Environmental Baseline Survey

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Historical Records Review



EnviroSure, Inc. was selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (PA DMVA) from 20 bidders to conduct three environmental assessments.

EnviroSure conducted an Environmental Baseline Survey of New Milford, Pennsylvania Army National Guard Readiness Center in Susquehanna County, PA. The Environmental Baseline Survey was conducted prior to the termination of a federal lease of the New Milford facility. The results of the survey did not identify any ongoing response actions, regulatory actions, or closed response actions on the Site.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments meeting All Appropriate Inquiry were conducted of properties in Pittsburgh and York, Pennsylvania. The Phase I ESAs were conducted to evaluate properties considered for acquisition for a future PA Army National Guard facility. EnviroSure recommended that the Client should consider further evaluation of possible historical pesticide use of the York and Pittsburgh properties, which were used historically for agricultural purposes. The PADEP document Addressing Pesticide Contamination on Agricultural Land Proposed for Development presents a recommended procedure during land development for addressing pesticide contamination exceeding PADEP’s Residential or Nonresidential Statewide Health Standard when the developer proposes a change in use of the property.

EnviroSure completed the environmental assessments meeting the Client’s schedule. Recommendations and estimates were provided for additional environmental work, as needed. The Client requested no revisions to the draft reports submitted.