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Extensive Storage Tank Remediation Project
Furniture Warehouse and Distribution Facility

Furniture Warehouse and Distribution Facility Extensive Storage Tank Remediation Project

Soil remediation activities at the Goods Furniture site
New Holland, PA

Soil Remediation

Soil and Groundwater Sampling

Site Characterization Report (SCR)/Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR)

Buyer-Seller Agreement


EnviroSure conducted Site Characterization and Remedial Action Activities in response to a historical release associated with two 10,000-gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) removed from the subject property in the late 1980’s. The work was prompted by environmental findings during a real estate transaction. EnviroSure helped to facilitate a Buyer-Seller Agreement that allowed the real estate transaction to move forward while remediation of the Site was completed.

Soil was impacted by a release associated with the historical USTs. EnviroSure conducted a soil boring investigation to horizontally and vertically delineate soil contamination and installed two additional groundwater monitoring wells to the existing groundwater monitoring network. The client was presented with options for remediation and decided to pursue attainment of the Pennsylvania Statewide Health Standard. Work was completed through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (PADEP’s) Storage Tank Program.

EnviroSure removed approximately 2,000 tons of impacted soils for disposal at a permitted facility and collected post-excavation samples that met the Statewide Health Standard. The excavation extended onto a neighboring parcel. EnviroSure coordinated the environmental work with the neighboring property owner on behalf of the client. The excavation was backfilled and the area regraded for access to a loading deck. Groundwater sampling showed attainment of the Statewide Health Standard, as well.

The PADEP approved EnviroSure’s Site Characterization Report (SCR)/Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR). Since the Statewide Health Standard was attained, an Environmental Covenant was not needed.