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EnviroSure Team

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We have built a work environment that fosters creative thinking, brainstorming, and honesty when developing environmental solutions for our clients. Our employees enjoy the freedom to develop and utilize their unique strengths and abilities, while collaborating with other team members to fulfill project requirements. We understand that professional development opportunities benefit our employees, our clients, and EnviroSure.

Scott Smith, President

Scott Smith, PE, LEED AP,
President and CEO


  • Professional Engineer, PA, NJ, DE
  • B.S., Bioresource Engineering, Rutgers College of Engineering

Scott Smith has been a budding entrepreneur since the age of 10 when he began organizing his mother's coupons and then requesting a portion of those savings earned. His passion for entrepreneurship makes him an invaluable resource to the EnviroSure team. He has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field and uses his skills and expertise to develop environmental strategies and solutions for our clients. Mr. Smith has managed hundreds of environmental site assessments over the course of his career, as well as soil and groundwater investigations and remediation projects. His strengths include a tireless work ethic, commitment to delighting clients, and boundless energy for seeking out and nurturing new client relationships.

Christopher Zeliznak, Professional Geologist

Christopher Zeliznak, PG,
Environmental Department Director


  • Professional Geologist, PA, DE
  • B.S., Geology, Temple University
  • M.S., Geology, Temple University

Chris Zeliznak has over 18 years of project management and technical experience in geology and hydrogeology for primarily commercial and industrial clients. Mr. Zeliznak is a licensed Professional Geologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with extensive experience in the Pennsylvania's Act 2 Land Recycling Program (Voluntary Cleanup Program) and Act 32 Storage Tank Cleanup Program. Chris is also a licensed Professional Geologist in Delaware and leads EnviroSure's projects in Delaware. Mr. Zeliznak manages EnviroSure's most complex projects and serves as a geological and hydrogeological technical resource for EnviroSure's projects in the Mid-Atlantic states.

Dyna Krumich-Ogonowsk, New Jersey Operations Manager

Dyna Krumich-Ogonowski,
New Jersey Operations Manager


  • B.S., Marine Biology, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
  • M.S., Environmental Management, University of Maryland University College

Dyna Krumich-Ogonowski serves as our New Jersey Operations Manager. She has over 13 years of experience working on a wide variety of environmental investigation and remediation projects for state, local, federal and commercial clients as well as Phase I and Phase II projects for New York City entities, banks, realtors, attorneys, property management groups and commercial clients. Ms. Krumich-Ogonowski is responsible for keeping the NJ office running smoothly. She ensures that all customer and client needs and expectations are met through EnviroSure's services.

Charles Chan, Industrial Hygiene Director

Charles Chan,
Industrial Hygiene Director


  • Accredited EPA AHERA Building Inspector (DE, MD, PA)
  • Accredited Asbestos Project Supervisor/Monitor (DE, MD, PA)
  • Accredited Lead Risk Assessor (DE, MD)
  • B.S., Environmental Science, Virginia Tech

Charles has 13 years of environmental consulting and industrial hygiene experience for military, private, industrial, and commercial clients. He has training and experience in conducting building surveys for hazardous materials, including asbestos and lead based paint, and OSHA surveys of industrial workplaces. Charles has conducted mold and indoor air quality surveys and has experience in hazardous site investigations including remediation oversight on industrial, commercial and undeveloped properties. He has also performed site assessments and permitting activities related to environmental impact statements (EIS) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) for renewable energy projects.

John Francis Sunkler, Project Manager

John Francis Sunkler,
Project Manager


  • OSHA HAZWOPER 40hr Certified
  • UST Compliance Inspector, DE/MD
  • Certified Contractor for Sediment and Stormwater Control, DE
  • B.S., Natural Resource Management, B.S. Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Delaware

John Francis Sunkler has over 6 years of environmental experience performing compliance inspections, environmental site assessments, and construction management in Delaware. Mr. Sunkler's due diligence certifications include hazardous materials sampling, cathodic protection testing, and underground storage tank work. Other skill areas include soil sampling, regulation writing and review, environmental compliance and permitting, and environmental remediation oversight. Mr. Sunkler has extensive experience working with regulatory agencies (DNREC and EPA).

Derek D. Carr, GIT, Staff Geologist

Derek D. Carr,
GIT, Staff Geologist


  • Geologist-In-Training, PA
  • B.S., Geosciences, West Chester University
  • B.S., Earth and Space Science Education, West Chester University

Derek Carr has over 5 years of field investigation/project oversight and technical experience in geology and hydrogeology for primarily commercial and industrial clients. Mr. Carr is a licensed Geologist-In-Training in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with experience in the Act 32 Storage Tank Cleanup Program. Derek has also performed numerous field investigation activities throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia. Mr. Carr has also overseen the redevelopment of former industrial sites within the state of Delaware into commercial properties under the guidance of DNREC-RS.

Gary Hayes, Senior Industrial Hygienist

Gary Hayes,
Senior Industrial Hygienist


  • EPA AHERA Accredited Project Designer (DE, MD)
  • EPA AHERA Accredited Building Inspector (DE, MD, PA)
  • EPA AHERA Accredited Management Planner (DE, MD)
  • B.S. Ecology & Systematics, Cornell University
  • Graduate Coursework, Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware

Gary Hayes has over 32 years of project experience in industrial hygiene and environmental consulting in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Areas of experience include design and management of projects for detection and abatement of environmental contaminants from buildings prior to renovation or demolition. He has experience in design and implementation of indoor air quality surveys, OSHA compliance air sampling, and mold detection and remediation.

Valerie Daberkoe, Office Manager

Valerie Daberkoe,
Office Manager


  • Psychology, University of Pittsburgh

Valerie Daberkoe serves as EnviroSure's office manager. Ms. Daberkoe's experience includes, but is not limited to, research and document creation, accounts payable/receivable, and client liaison. Ms. Daberkoe coordinates staff schedules, manages office efficiency, and handles all facets of company bookkeeping. Ms. Daberkoe orders insurance certificates, manages insurance matters, and maintains insurance certificates for our subcontractors. In addition, Ms. Daberkoe is responsible for coordinating with our SCORE! business coaches.

Logan Beck, Environmental Scientist

Logan Francis Beck,
Environmental Scientist


  • OSHA HAZWOPER 40hr Certified
  • B.S., Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences, Bloomsburg University

Logan Francis Beck is a recent graduate from Bloomsburg University with a B.S. in Environmental, Geographical and Geological Sciences. Mr. Beck graduated with a concentration in geology and a strong background in geographical information systems. Other skill areas include geographic information collection and management, geologic sample curation, and petrographic and mineralogic analysis. Mr. Beck is very excited to start his career and join the team at EnviroSure, Inc.

Derek Grothusen, Environmental Scientist

Derek Grothusen,
Environmental Scientist


  • OSHA HAZWOPER 40hr Certified
  • B.S., Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University

Derek Grothusen is a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in applied environmental science. Mr. Grothusen also graduated with a minor in environmental policy, institutions, and behavior and possesses a strong understanding of both federal and state environmental rules and regulations. Other skills include soil and groundwater sampling, technical writing, and data review. Mr. Grothusen is very excited to begin his career as a member of the team at EnviroSure, Inc.

Zachary Booker, Environmental Scientist

Zachary Booker,
Environmental Scientist


  • B.S., Environmental Science, Redlands University

Zachary Booker graduated with a background in environmental analysis. Other skill areas include geographic information system management, impact assessment, environmental awareness and restoration. Mr. Booker is excited to start his career and join the team at EnviroSure, Inc.

Joseph Tomalavage, Hydrogeologist

Joseph Tomalavage, PG,


  • Professional Geologist, PA, CA, FL, GA, IN, TN, VA
  • B.S., Geology, Pennsylvania State University

Joe Tomalavage has over 40 years of technical and managerial experience in environmental-related problem solving. This experience includes hydrogeological evaluations for the use of groundwater for water supply development, as well as investigating groundwater contamination problems, hazardous waste issues, soil and groundwater remediation and regulatory agency negotiation and permitting. He has performed remedial investigations and corrective actions for the utility, chemical, petroleum, and manufacturing industries and for government clients, and has also developed groundwater-based water supplies for municipal, residential and commercial clients.

Julie Brooks Rudisill, Project Geologist

Julie Brooks Rudisill, PG,
Project Geologist


  • Professional Geologist, PA, DE
  • Society of Women Environmental Professionals
  • OSHA Site Supervisor
  • B.S., Geology, West Chester University

Julie Brooks Rudisill has more than 30 years of technical and professional experience in geology and hydrogeology for the environmental consulting industry. Skill areas include hazardous waste site investigations and remedial investigations; management of overburden and bedrock drilling and borehole logging operations; monitoring well design, installation and abandonment; task planning for assessment of subsurface soil and groundwater contamination; and project organization, data reduction, management, and electronic file format procedures. Ms. Rudisill's management experience includes organizing and overseeing complex sampling programs utilizing various collection methods for surface soil, subsurface soil (including NJDEP-required Methanol Extraction method for collecting VOC samples), bedrock, surface water, and groundwater sampling (including Low Flow groundwater sampling) for a wide variety of parameters. Julie is responsible for geo-technical and regulatory guidance to the natural gas industry.

Carol L. Poole, Industrial Hygienist

Carol L. Poole, BSPH, MS, RPIH,
Industrial Hygienist


  • Professional Industrial Hygienist
  • M.S., Environmental Health/Industrial Hygiene, West Chester University

Carol Poole is a dedicated occupational safety and health professional with extensive experience ensuring regulatory compliance and best practices in the chemical and manufacturing industry with emphasis on multiple sites. Ms. Poole possesses expertise to identify, develop, implement, audit, and coordinate programs, projects, and training for employee and customer safety and health.

EnviroSure Associates

Jim Lang, Licensed Site Remediation Professional

Jim Lang, LSRP,
Licensed Site Remediation Professional


  • Licensed Site Remediation Professional, NJ
  • B.S., Geology, University of Maryland

Mr. Lang has more than 30 years of consulting experience for private companies, municipalities, and the federal government. He has performed and managed all phases of investigation including preliminary assessment, site investigation, remedial investigation, remedial actions and feasibility studies. Project locations include New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, California, Tennessee, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Arizona. Mr. Lang's specialties are Brownfield redevelopment projects and due diligence. He is a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) in New Jersey.

Genevieve Becker, Environmental Professional

Genevieve Becker,
Environmental Professional


  • B.S., Geology, Bloomsburg University

Genevieve Becker has been working in the engineering and environmental consulting industry since 2005. She has project management and technical writing experience in site characterization/remediation activities under PADEP Act 2 Storage Tank Programs, and Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESAs) in PA and NJ. Her fieldwork experience includes geophysical survey oversight, soil/groundwater testing, soil gas sampling, packer testing, slug testing, well installations, underground storage tank (UST) removal, infiltration testing, and asbestos/hazardous materials survey.

Kurt Philipp, Professional Wetland Scientist

Kurt Philipp, PhD,
Professional Wetland Scientist


  • Professional Wetland Scientist, Society of Wetland Scientists
  • B.S., Biology, University of Delaware
  • M.S., Physical Climatology, University of Delaware
  • PhD, Marine Biology and Biochemistry, University of Delaware

Dr. Philipp has over 40 years of experience in wetland delineation, permitting, and mitigation. Dr. Philipp serves on the Society of Wetlands Scientists Professional Certification Board and served as President from 2007-2008. He is familiar with federal wetlands regulations including jurisdictional determinations and permitting. He has worked with the regulators in the Philadelphia & Baltimore District Corps of Engineers through contracts and permit applications. He has conducted many non-tidal wetlands mitigation projects creating and enhancing wetlands in Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Several of these projects covered all aspects of wetland creation from site selection through mitigation design, state and federal permitting, construction management/oversight, and monitoring.

Dave Williams, PG, Project Geologist

Dave Williams, PG,
Project Geologist


  • Professional Geologist, PA
  • B.S., Geology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • M.S., Geography and Regional Planning, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Dave Williams has over 30 years of geologic and project management experience. He has worked on over 60 environmental investigations and 30 stream restoration projects and in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. His experience includes coordination and oversight of drilling, environmental, geophysical, and construction projects. Other areas of expertise include hydrogeologic investigations, geologic site assessments, geophysical investigations, wetland delineation, land management, geomorphology and stream assessment, vegetation assessment and restoration, and community relations.