Environmental Assessment, Inspection & Monitoring Activities Elementary School in Pennsylvania

EnviroSure completed an environmental walkthrough of a 55,785-SF school building as part of upfront planning activities for an addition and interior renovations. The initial scope of the project was limited to observations of the interior and exterior of the building to observe the presence of environmental conditions. Based on these initial observations, EnviroSure recommended a formal asbestos-containing material (ACM) inspection, worker protection and safety standards for potential exposure to lead-based paint (LBP), and proper disposal and/or recycling methods of potentially hazardous substances such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and mercury.

EnviroSure oversaw the collection of 15 samples to determine whether previously assumed ACM at the Site actually contained asbestos. Samples were analyzed by Polarized Light Microscopy. Of the 15 samples, one contained asbestos above the >1% threshold. Other samples were analyzed by Transmission Electron Microscopy to classify a material as a non ACM. The ACM inspection was conducted by a PA-licensed Asbestos Building Inspector. A report summarizing the results of the inspection was submitted to the client with the recommendation that any ACM that will be impacted by renovations must be removed by a PA licensed abatement contractor, or remain in place and be periodically inspected as part of an operations and maintenance program for managing asbestos in place.

During subsequent asbestos abatement activities, EnviroSure performed air monitoring. EnviroSure performed a final visual inspection of the abatement area prior to collecting post abatement air samples. Inspected areas passed clearance sampling per EPA AHERA (40 CFR Part 763.80 and 763.90) clean air standard of 0.010 f/cc of air and were cleared for re-occupancy.

Environmental Walkthrough/Assessment and Observations // Asbestos Containing Material Inspection/ Survey // Air Monitoring // Report Preparation