Storage Tanks

Storage tanks, above and below ground, pose environmental concerns. Storage tanks can become safety and legal issues in addition to environmental issues if not installed, used, inspected, and closed properly. Supporting countless regulated underground storage tank (UST) and unregulated storage tank closures, EnviroSure has built expertise in reducing owner and operator liability. EnviroSure responds quickly to tanks discovered during site redevelopment avoiding costly delays in construction activities. By implementing a cost-analysis method to develop and understand site specific concerns, EnviroSure assures its clients the utmost diligence in handling storage tank issues. EnviroSure performs these tank services:

  • Storage tank closure (removal or closure-in-place)
  • Closure plans & reports
  • Removal monitoring
  • Groundwater and soil sampling
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies
  • Tank tightness testing
  • Tank permitting and registration
  • State reimbursement fund applications
  • Backfilling and site restoration