Property Condition Assessments

EnviroSure is proud to announce that we are expanding our scope of services and are now offering Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services!

PCAs are typically performed prior to the acquisition, leasing, or financing of commercial or industrial properties and allow for the physical condition/state of a property to be assessed prior to a transaction.

PCAs are performed according to the ASTM Standard Guide E2018-15, and include a walk-through survey, review of property documents, and interviews with property owners and/or occupants.

The findings of a PCA are summarized and presented in a comprehensive Property Condition Report (PCR) and include the identification of immediate items for repair and replacement reserves, which can be helpful in the planning and preparation of future repairs and improvements.

EnviroSure is proud to offer PCA services across Southeast PA, NJ, DE, and MD, and also offers the capability to perform a PCA in conjunction with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), if desired.