Industrial Hygiene

EnviroSure’s Industrial Hygiene section provides a broad range of on-site assessments to identify and manage hazardous work environments and building materials, in order to sustain healthy workers and workplaces. We also provide clear regulatory solutions during the sale, renovation, or demolition of a building structure or facility.

EnviroSure’s trained and certified staff also performs risk assessmentsand OSHA complaint employee exposure monitoring to assist our clients to find the most effective ways to protect their workers.

We also provide a range of services related to indoor air quality, sampling and detection of mold, and moisture mapping of water damaged materials. EnviroSure coordinates with owners and occupants to quickly perform these services with minimal disruption to their daily operations.

Our staff includes industrial hygienists, geologists, and environmental scientists with backgrounds in research, engineering, project design and management, and planning.

Exposure Assessments

EnviroSure has proven experience performing OSHA compliant chemical exposure monitoring and assessment for solvents and other carcinogens. We perform on-site compliance air monitoring for metals, dust, silica, organic vapors, and other chemicals, while following NIOSH and ASTM standard sampling protocols and methods. We collaborate with our clients to mitigate hazards and to protect their employees and building occupants.